Why Granite Counter Tops are Great for Barrie Homes

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Are Granite Counter Tops for Your Barrie Home the Right Choice?

Granite counter tops are the superior material in the industry for counter surfaces. They are elegant, sophisticated, beautiful, and are virtually indestructible.
Granite is a rock that has been used for centuries. It is known as an intrusive, felsic, igneous rock which is granular and crystalline in texture. It contains at least 20 per cent quartz which contributes to its charming good looks. Historically, granite was mainly used in construction; this rock was actually used to build the third largest pyramid in Egypt (Red Pyramid), which just goes to show its long lasting ability. Since then, granite has been used in a number of applications. It's used to create statues and memorial pieces, but most commonly the stone is used to create counter tops and floor/wall tiles.

Advantages of Granite

Granite is scratch resistant – due to the density of the rock, the surface is scratch resistant to most common household kitchen tools and utensils. Counter surfaces are treated with a clear coat that additionally helps maintain the natural look of the stone and will prevent any scuffs or scratches should a strong enough contact be made.
Non-porous – Being a non-porous material means the surface is smooth without any small cavities for liquid and crumbs to enter. This creates a sanitary surface that cannot transfer bacteria and germs from one carrier to another if cleaned regularly.
Heat resistant – Unlike other stone or fabricated counter tops, granite is able to take on any hot substance or surface without causing any damage or discolouration. In fact, when granite is used as floor tiles, they radiate heat generated in the building while insulating at the same time. This can contribute to saving money on heating bills.
Increase the value of your home – Many families are choosing to settle in the beautiful city of Barrie, Ontario because, despite being less than an hour away from the booming metropolis of the Greater Toronto Area, it still maintains a small town feel. This is why re-sale value is so important! The amount of money put into new granite counter tops can be directly applied to the value of the home due to the life expectancy and beauty of the counter surface.
Whether you are looking for materials for a new construction or a home renovation, these surfaces are far superior to the competition of linoleum and ceramic. Not only do linoleum and ceramic not stand up to the durability standards of granite, but these materials can go out of style at a moment's notice which can dramatically effect the appraisal of a home for sale. Granite lasts for decades, even centuries if cared for properly, and will never go out of style.
Kitchen surfaces are a popular place to find stone fixtures, but why not consider putting these counter tops in bathrooms and bar areas? The elegance can be delivered all throughout the house.
Due to the outstanding weight of these slabs, it is important to consult with knowledgeable professionals that can ensure the right choices are made for each individual circumstance, the proper support system is installed to handle the heavy load, as well as necessary transport from factory to location without compromising the stone's surface or integrity.
With all the available options today, and a full range in natural colours, its no wonder  granite counter tops are gracing more Barrie Homes.